See us in Edgewood, KY for a great selection of sump pumps and more

Our plumbing supply store in Edgewood, KY offers a complete range of plumbing parts. We have a 14,000+ inventory, as well as the ability to quickly order any unique parts that may not be in stock. As well as carrying standard equipment for toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers, we also offer sump pumps, hard-to-find plumbing parts, and older plumbing supplies that are no longer being manufactured. 

So whether you need one part for your home or a large order of supplies for your business in Cincinnati, we can help. Contact Specialized Plumbing Parts Supply today.

A full line of plumbing supplies

We carry a complete range of plumbing supplies at our Edgewood store. Our 14,000+ inventory of plumbing solutions includes parts for:
  • Toilets 
  • Tubs & showers 
  • Sinks 
We also have sump pumps, pipes, fixtures, and any other type of plumbing parts that you may need. We carry both new parts and older pieces. And if we don't have the part you need, we'll order it for you right away!

Plumbing products for residential and commercial use

The plumbing products available at our Edgewood location are suitable for both homes and businesses. Our customers include homeowners, company managers, professional plumbers, and contractors working on both new construction and remodeling. From supplying toilets for new homes to sinks for office bathrooms, we have a great selection of plumbing products for people to choose from. Ask our friendly team if you have any questions about which products you should choose.

Sump pumps

Sump pumps are pumps that remove water from a basement or other flooded area. If your home or office is prone to flooding, don't wait until disaster strikes. Come see Specialized Plumbing Parts Supply in Edgewood and take a look at our outstanding line of sump pumps, which come from trusted manufacturers such as Zoeller® and Wayne®. You can trust that our sump pumps will fix any issues with flooding or accumulated water. Plus we back our sump pumps with a one-year guarantee!
A customer working with one of our sump pumps in Edgewood, KY
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