For quality plumbing parts and supplies in Edgewood, KY

When you need plumbing parts and supplies, chances are you need them without delay. So if you're in the northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area and need parts for a tub, shower, sink, or more, come to our store in Edgewood, KY. Even if you're looking for a part that is specialized, out of production, or simply hard to find, Specialized Plumbing Parts and Supply will either have what you need in stock, or will quickly order it for you. 
Our reliable and efficient team will do everything it can to ensure that you find the part you need. We even have items that are over 50 years old in stock because we know that sometimes that's just what a customer wants. Call or come visit Specialized Plumbing Parts Supply today!
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Our plumbing parts and supplies

The experienced team at Specialized Plumbing Parts Supply understands your need for quality plumbing solutions. Come to our store in Edgewood to see our inventory of over 14,000 items! Our stock includes: 
  • Parts for tubs and showers
  • Toilets and toilet parts 
  • Sinks, fixtures, and parts 
  • Sump pumps with a one-year guarantee 
  • Plumbing parts both new and old! 
So whether you need the parts to install a new shower in the addition you're adding to your house, or you need to find a faucet that's been out of production for years, come visit us in Edgewood, or simply give us a call. If we don't have what you need in stock, we'll order it right away. And unless you're paying with cash, there's no minimum purchase required with us!

Our promise

As a company that is both family-owned and family-operated, we understand the importance of good service to the communities of Northern Kentucky. We're happy to help you find the plumbing parts and supplies you want, but we never try to sell you anything but the plumbing part you came to us to find. Trust our experienced team to work with you! 

For quality service when you need it, backed up by the best possible inventory of plumbing equipment, talk to our team in Edgewood today.
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